Seattle: Day 3

Setup started 2 hours earlier than was called for and we almost didn’t finish setup in order to start on time at noon. We found a few small bugs in the system that our consultant at ShiftEight fixed right away for us minutes before we opened.

Registration2 BagsMy station at the help desk remained my station for, I don’t know, a couple minutes maybe? I definitely had to channel Roberto’s calm nature for some of the cases that came up to us. We were hit hard for the first 4 hours at least with nonstop problems and lines. But the systems held up all right, and I’m happy about that. My head, on the other hand, did not. I had a KILLER headache. Not the worst of my life, but it made me feel horribly sick by the time we started closing down at 7pm. The problem is, registration was in the middle of a room that didn’t close down for another hour, so we kept getting people coming up to us after we had officially closed.

I went up to lunch pretty late, but someone had gotten there before me and eaten the only food I would have been able to eat. Luckily, I’d brought some saltines and applesauce. I realized I was going to have to do the same all week.

I headed to the grocery store after we closed up and found the most amazing thing: Amy’s steak dinner. I took a chance and it was freakin’ amazing. Also, just like her meatloaf, it didn’t make my tummy hurt at all. So delicious! I’ve never seen it in stores in Virginia.

I did some work and answered some questions via social media in my hotel room before crashing.