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Small Half Quidditch Pitch

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For the air/wind theme at Brickfair this year, I made a half-pitch of Quidditch at the last minute (i.e. started it at 10pm the night before Brickfair!).



Three Castles

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Here are the three Eilean Donan Castles I brought to Brickfair this year!


I made the big one and the small one previously, of course, but I build the micro one for the minicon in the middle of Brickfair. I was disappointed more people didn’t participate in the minicon, because it’s such a cute idea, to have a mini version of the entire Brickfair!

I added some sheep to the main MOC as well, which are not actual LEGO, so I couldn’t include them in the LEGO Store version of this castle. But any Scottish castle needs sheep!

For World of Lights, I added a light to one of the parts of the castle. I might have done more but my MOC was in an area by emergency lighting and so it wasn’t as impressive as in other parts of the room where it was darker and the lighting could be more dramatic.

Metro Map

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I made this just before Brickfair 2013.

It’s a mosaic-like map of the Washington, D.C., Metro system. It was inspired by the LEGO map in London, England, of their Tube system.


I also added a stand that has posts like the ones that indicate our colored lines, a tiny little train with three cars, and the national mall’s two monuments of the Washington Memorial and the Capitol Building.


Burning Day

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Made for Brickfair 2014, as the theme this year is birds. This is an adaptation of a scene I made for a Harry Potter book contest a few years back. It was a lot of fun trying to find three of each item and build the Dumbedore’s office set identically three times.


More photos…

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone Story Tower

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My dream is to make all seven books into story towers with bookends. After making the first book into a story tower with seven scenes, I realized how big they would have to be and I’m starting to rethink my strategy. I might have to make mini story towers instead or I might have to make them one at a time.


More photos…

The Owlry

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I built this for Brickfair 2014. The annual theme was “birds” and someone last year (forgive me!) suggested I make another owlry. My first project of this sort was part of my town of Hogsmeade MOC two years ago and was designed so that the Hogsmeade Post Office resembled a British post office box in style, structure, and appearance. This is a more classic Owlry, closer to the sort you see at Hogwarts in the movies. It’s not supposed to look exactly like the movie version, but it is meant to look closer to what you might see as part of Hogwarts.

I had great fun gathering up all my owls for this project. Of course I added a few fun extras like some rats the owls will soon be eating. And the roof is intentionally kind of crazy.


More photos…

Brickfair 2011 Recap Part 2 (Photos)

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My Photos & Videos on Brickshelf (when moderated and completely uploaded)

Where I spent the weekend:

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Brickfair 2011 Recap Part 1 (Write-up)

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Brickfair just keeps getting better and better. In fact, I’ve already registered for Brickfair 2012! And I’ve got some ideas about what to do for the theme: fire.

Brickfair 2011’s theme was NASA. I’ll admit I didn’t have any ideas about what to do with the theme, but I did throw a star chart and telescope into one of my MOCs in honor of the theme.

I ended up bringing 3 MOCS (1 large and 2 small but fun) to the convention. It proved a little challenging because there’s never enough room on the tables and because half of my MOC was on display for the entire month of July at the Potomac Mills store (an honor) as part of the WAMALUG display case project. But I’m proud of my efforts and had a great time at Brickfair.

Read the whole recap…

BrickFair 2010 Recap

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This was my… I think 5th time at a LEGO Convention, but only my second time as a participant. It was lots of fun though different from last year.

A List of all my MOCs
All my photos at BrickShelf (when moderated)
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My write-up and photos

BrickFair 2010 MOCs

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Here’s a list of all my MOCs from BrickFair 2010:

List & Photos under here!

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