Here are the three Eilean Donan Castles I brought to Brickfair this year!


I made the big one and the small one previously, of course, but I build the micro one for the minicon in the middle of Brickfair. I was disappointed more people didn’t participate in the minicon, because it’s such a cute idea, to have a mini version of the entire Brickfair!

I added some sheep to the main MOC as well, which are not actual LEGO, so I couldn’t include them in the LEGO Store version of this castle. But any Scottish castle needs sheep!

For World of Lights, I added a light to one of the parts of the castle. I might have done more but my MOC was in an area by emergency lighting and so it wasn’t as impressive as in other parts of the room where it was darker and the lighting could be more dramatic.