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What a Mess!

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I spent a whole weekend this month working on a new project because I was under deadline, only to find out I wasn’t under deadline after all. But this is what my building space currently looks like!


There is a path across the floor, around the boxes and bins of bricks, if you walk carefully.


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Another look at what my Legolas LEGO Loft looks like when I’m in the middle of a building project. See that patch of bare floor beside the square container of orange flames and beneath the rectangular container of new gray? Yeah, that bare patch was completely filled with gray an hour or so after the photo was taken.

LEGO Building In-progress

I do not look forward to the cleanup tomorrow. *sigh*

Projects in Progress

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What my LEGO Loft looks like when I’m in the middle of a project! I ended up building quite a bit on the floor instead of the table. It was comfy and pleasant to spread out in a space that wasn’t the middle of my room or my office. I did have one instance of dropping the lid of a container over the side of the loft into my living room below, but there was no casualty.


This was how it looked after finishing one of three MOCs for Brickfair. I really need to do some post-project cleanup after finishing the third!

My Lego Loft


I joined (all right, hosted) a LEGO photo swap. I thought I’d share the dedicated space for LEGO building now in my new house. I call it…

Legolas Lego Loft

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New Table

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During the last week of December, I did a lot of cleaning/organizing. I managed to tackle about a third of a my room (and by now, it’s all in shambles again LOL). But one of the big accomplishments was getting my dining room table out of storage and clearing a spot for it. Now I have a place to work on LEGO that isn’t the carpet/floor.

The table

The Great Gray Sort

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As I took apart my MOCs from BrickFair, I began the greatest of all LEGO organizing tasks: separating old gray from new gray. It took a few days and I had to buy some new storage containers as the ones pictured weren’t big enough for old gray, but I’m done now!

I bought about $25 worth of new containers for my LEGO bricks, including a new set of drawers for plates. I’ll take photos once they’re all back in the cabinet somehow, but pretty much everything is sorted nicely and I’m proud of it all. There’s something satisfying and soothing about sorting and organizing LEGO bricks; I’ve always thought so. In fact, it was one of my very favorite things to do as a kid. I’d dump all my LEGO bricks out and organize them in the 4 divided containers my parents had given me one Christmas from IKEA. Now I’m dealing with bricks on a slightly larger scale.