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BrickFair 2010 MOCs

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Here’s a list of all my MOCs from BrickFair 2010:

List & Photos under here!

Finished MOC: BookCrossing


Tonight I finished one of the two projects I thought up on Monday: BookCrossing!

If you’re planning on seeing it in person and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click for the photo!

My MOC-Card:
BookCrossing is a fun hobby where you register books you don’t want any more online and then you pass them on to others to enjoy. Usually, you leave them somewhere “in the wild” for anyone to find. This LEGO scene shows a BookCrosser in action, leaving books all around town! Additionally, if there’s a book in the attached portion of this display, feel free to take it home, enter it online, and enjoy.

Finished BookCrossing- SPOILER