Boston- Day 3

What a day. Up early for my presentation at the board meeting, which went fine.

Then I picked up something to drink and headed to onsite registration. We finished setting up and had a quick practice section with the website. Before we knew it, registration was open and we had hundreds of people standing in line to register.

And then, after constant work, it was the end of the day. We were SWAMPED. We’ve never had such a hard Wednesday before. Lines were more than an hour and a half long at some points. Sheri gave me a quick break for the bathroom somewhere in there, but other than that, I powered through hundreds of registrations as fast as I could. All our onsite staff were friggin amazing. They were thrown into chaos and did an above and beyond job. I’ve never been so proud of a group of coworkers. It was magical. This was definitely the hardest Wednesday we’ve ever had at a conference. We’re going to make some changes for tomorrow to see if that works better.

I finally ate some lunch around 8:00pm (I’m told it’s called first dinner at that point) and then we took the staff photo. After a really good debriefing meeting with everyone, a few of us grabbed some dinner at the food court just as it was closing.

Then I sat and ate and watched sitcom comedy for two hours while eating everything in sight. LOL