UK Trip- Day 15: Traveling Home

April 23:

I woke up SUPER FREAKIN’ EARLY. I’m sure my roommates hated me for it, but two of them had arrived at something like 3:30am one morning, and that’s just how things go in a hostel. Anyway, I checked out and got my towel deposit back. Then I took the tube to Paddington and the Heathrow Express to the airport. I arrived 3 hours before my flight. Um, yeah. I’m a little paranoid. LOL

I turned in my Oyster Card and got 15 pounds back! What a great system! I also converted all my British money back into USD. And I went to the WHSmith for the last time; I’m going to miss that store.

I sat about reading more of Tipping the Velvet and watching the board for the departure gate. Airports like that make me so nervous! All the other flights got gates when they were supposed to, but mine didn’t. Finally, I looked up and saw it announced. I raced over to find that the flight was delayed. I sat around at the gate for a while.

We got on board late and sat on the runway for quite some time. We ended up taking off about 50 minutes late due to too much runway traffic. I decided to watch British things on the way to the UK so I watched Hollywood movies on my trip home. I watched the Muppets (and had a hard time not laughing out loud many times and had to hold my hand over my mouth) and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (American version). Then I just couldn’t stand it and ended up watching Sherlock again. heehee

There was no one next to me on the plane (an aisle seat as well) and two seats between me and a woman with a toddler who behaved himself for the most part (he and I got on swimmingly near the end and it was hard to say goodbye!). I got some sleep as well and even though there were some bumpy moments, I made it through just fine.

Customs was a bit of a wait (maybe half an hour) and I cleared through just fine.

It was bittersweet to be back home but great to hug Mom, who was waiting for me in the airport!

In all, a simply wonderful trip of a lifetime for me :-)