Infinitus- Sunday

I’m utterly exhausted but I’m risking falling 3 days behind if I don’t post right this moment! I also risk forgetting what happened days ago :-)

The last day of Infinitus was good. I got up after a little more than 5 hours of sleep and went to stand in line for the leaving feast. I had planned to go to the theme park when it opened at 8am but I just couldn’t make myself function on the idea of just 4 hours of sleep. As I was sitting in line for the feast, the Blibbering Humdingers were back and played a song or two (but only one or two; were they asked to leave AGAIN? I have no way of knowing, but it made me smile immediately that morning. Can I just get Scott and Karen to follow me around and pop up at random times during my day when I need a smile? Heh heh. The idea of Slytherins following a Hufflepuff around… that would likely make their sweet heads explode).

The leaving feast was sooooooooo good. I am a SUCKER for breakfast foods. I ate almost everything I loaded my plate with, even though my tummy started doing very bad things about halfway through. Bad tummy. This is why the very last thing I did on my way out of town was stop for Pepto Bismol at the grocery store. LOL On an (I assure you) unrelated note, after we secured a table at the feast I ducked out to use the restroom and there was a girl there who, after using the bathroom, emerged from her stall and declared to us all “Everyone, I just used the potty!” We all cheered and then just about died laughing. Oh, Very Potter Musical Sequel, how I love you!

Chris & Chris were at the feast, so I finally got to see them (everyone else got their autograph and photo with them and stuff, but at least I got to see them in person!). And I finally got to hear the Parselmouths, though the set was a little strange and awkward and we were all so tired. Apparently morning is not the time for WRock. Still, it was wonderful to finally get to see one of the biggest female WRock bands live.

The photo scavenger hunt that my roommates and I slaved over and which I skipped the ball to work on? Did I win? No idea! They were supposed to show the photos at the leaving feast and announce the winners. They did neither and didn’t even mention it. Boooooo!

After the feast I went over to the park for a few hours. I almost rode Forbidden Journey again, but didn’t. I was on the platform, walking from the line to the “flying benches” when the lights came on and the fire alarm went off. Everything was shut down and we were all evacuated; our things in the lockers had to stay there as we all had to leave the castle immediately and stay out. So close! Argh! So I ended up going on Hippogryph again and taking photos of the castle from the ride. And I got a pumpkin juice finally. Nummy! So much better than I had imagined it to taste when reading the book.

I walked around taking more photos and then I found myself in Zonkos (the line wasn’t too long). There were sugar quills! I hadn’t seen sugar quills there before! So I bought a bunch as presents. I went back to the castle just as they were letting people back in. I grabbed my stuff and headed back to the hotel in time to shower before heading out.

I caught a shuttle to the Airport with Teresa and then, what did I do? I went to the Universal Gift Shop at the airport to look at the Harry Potter stuff. LOL Of course, I also went to the NASA store (Mars rock), and the Disney Store (where this really cute, gray, furry Eeyore looked sooooo sad and pathetic. It was calling out to me with his little arm raised up to his face. I grabbed him and bought him and have NO regrets about that thank you very much).

Then I took the free shuttle over to Nerdapalooza. It was weirdly awkward and so I have some regrets about that. I kind of felt like a stalker walking over past all the WRockers sitting on the floor to go buy my ticket just to see people I’d already seen 1-2 times that week. (It was just strange having them sitting right by my feet while I was buying a pass). And I felt very awkward and out of place when I walked into the convention, I have to say. And the music was really, really hard rock which made my heard hurt. So I went into the lobby to write a blog post. And when Erin walked by and said hello to me, I was too tired to think of anything to say, so I probably seemed like an idiot to her. I ran into her later and was much more eloquent. Poor thing was on 1 hour of sleep for the whole weekend. I went in to listen to another performer, who was more folky and really very good. I also ran across a t-shirt vendor with some nice Doctor Who t-shirts… both of which I bought. I later saw a booth that had Evil League of Evil shirts but he was closing down so I couldn’t buy one, damnit.

Anyway, the concert was good. Fred Lives went first and I could hear a lot better than the night before at the WRock Comedy Slam. Then House of Black went on (fun & beautiful) and played all my favorites! And then Ministry of Magic, only it wasn’t the whole group. Voldemark and Aaron weren’t there and Luke… Luke looked oddly like Alex Carpenter. They played an interesting set (interesting in their song choice, I mean). I had fun, but it wasn’t worth the extra money. I was planning on staying to see other bands but after that I just wanted to go home. So I decided just to take a cab and spent the whole thing debating either going to the park when I got back or eating. I ended up eating and then running around packing. I wanted to be in bed by 11 but I didn’t get to sleep until a little after 1am. The huge dufflebag I brought that only had my pillow in it? It’s PACKED with nothing but things I bought at Universal Studios; it won’t even fit my pillow now!