Tonight… I am indecisive

And now I’m in a taxi on the way back from the post-Infinitus show at Nerdapalooza. I thought about staying longer at Nerdapalooza actually. There seemed to be some really great bands lined up and I paid a hell of a lot of money to get there & in & back. But I’m so exhausted and I have a day at the theme park and then the first leg of my drive tomorrow. So I decided to head home. Maybe I’ll order room service or eat down at Jakes again. I thought maybe I’d go spend an hour in the theme park before it closed but I’m hungry and there are more options at the resort than in the theme parks (and at least at the resort I have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi while I eat). Seems stupid to walk/take a water taxi all the way over to Universal if I’m going to spend so much time eating. Hmmm. Unless I just eat a power bar and keep hunger away for just an hour. But there’s something to be said for just hanging out and relaxing on my last night here in Orlando. Of course, spending as much time as possible having fun while fun is still open is also good. Argh. I’m always so indecisive! Of course, the idea of waking up at 7am tomorrow morning is not a fun one so taking the time tonight to map out my strategy for the theme park tomorrow and check e-mail for the first time in a gazillion days might just be the thing to do. Not to mention that I have to PACK tonight and check out way early tomorrow morning. Hmmmm. Dinner downstairs is sounding better and better.