Infinitus- Friday Recap (Fast)

I went to bed at close to 4 this morning and it’s just a little after 9 now. The first session is at 10 so I’m going to type this up as quickly as possible.

Yesterday was amazing!

Sessions I went to: Caught tail end of a session about the fandom as a whole, whole session of scrapbooking (except the group leader didn’t punch holes in my cardboard and now it’s useless unless I somehow find her today and she happens to have the giant contraption with her), the muggle fashion show (wizards showing off their muggle fashions), last 10-15 minutes of parallels between Buffy: tvs and Harry Potter (OMG PERCY=WESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *light bulb moment*), first half of FTW/Fail on treatment of race/sexuality/etc. in fanfic & the HP fandom (how we treated black boy!Blaise, for example), and a fanfiction-writing workshop.

Then I sat in line for the Final Battle for an hour and change. I ended up sitting right in front of the video equipment and thus couldn’t see a thing. So they moved those of us with absolutely NO view of the stage to the front rows in the extra reserved seating, which ended up being great because the sound system was not cooperating (they were having trouble with open stage mics vs. personal mics for the main characters). Even from the second row I couldn’t hear half of the words that weren’t being magnified. But on a whole Lena & Malory did an AMAZING job on their 3 hour-long Wizard Rock Opera! I was especially pleased by the redemption song Percy had (given Lena’s anti-Percy song it was a surprise and thrill to hear *G*). I cried SO HARD when Lupin died; I realized that I was a fool to want to see that in the movie because just seeing it from actors I didn’t even know was enough to make me bawl. The Snilly song/dance during the Prince’s tale was amazing. The comedical songs and moments were EPIC wins. It was fantastic to get to experience this one-time, one-of-a-kind performance with my fellow fans. I cried at that concept as well.

And then it was Night of a Thousand Wizards. Which. Was. AWESOME. Seriously, I teared up a few times just being there. Them showing us the NBC special with commercial break pauses—something we had almost all seen—was such a fail. But free butterbeer? AWESOME! I will write a much longer post about Night of a Thousand Wizards; no time now. Awesome moments: Rachel!Snape doing the tango with another Snape, cos-playing Dumbledore & Cedric & Harry dueling, finally seeing Olivander’s, seeing more little things I missed the first time around, seeing the inside stuff at the Dragons ride (the cup, the eggs, luggage, etc.). But being in am amusement park open exclusively for fellow fans… short lines, music/dancing, free butterbeer, and so much magic.

All right. Going to go down to post this and rush back up to get to the panels!