On my way… almost.

I’m sitting at gate H here at good ol’ Union Station in Washington DC. I’ll be taking the Silver Star (kind of a Slytherin feel to that name, but I’m okay with that) down to Orlando in about half an hour. It is doubtful I’ll have WiFi access on the train, but it’s here at the train station, so this might be my last post until tomorrow night.

I ended up METROing to Union Station and navigating the platforms at Gallery Place with a really nice French couple who were tourists here. I think I surprised them when I gave them a “Merci!” when the gentleman went to check the map and established that we were on the right side of the platform for catching the red line train.

When I got to the station, there was no record of my train reservation. It wouldn’t scan the barcode on my printout and it couldn’t find my reservation number in the system. It DID find the reservation under my name for my trip to Boston next month, but that’s a bit early for check-in. Luckily, the nice people at the counter (who looked bored) found my reservation, printed my ticket, and checked two of my 3 bags. So now I’ve just got a heavy laptop bag (packed with everything from my camera to a tooth brush to emergency Jelly Belly candy) and my pillow.

I walked around Union Station, feeling extremely hungry (it had been a whole 3 hours since I ate breakfast) and I kept running into snarfs. Plaques and statues and more plaques. So I was able to get some good snarfs in before I’d even left DC. I ate a breakfast sandwich and some fruit and downed a Nantucket Nectar, which had the least helpful fact ever:Nantucket is not in Kentucky.

We’re boarding in a few minutes, so I’m wrapping this up. Safe travels to my online and RL DADA friends who I’ll see down in Florida!