Finalizing Goals

I made hotel reservations for my trip back home today. I’m still slightly nervous about making a drive across 5 states over 3 days by myself, but I like my own company and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of audio books and WRock to amuse me. So my trip for next week is officially booked and in set in stone!

Here is what I am planning to accomplish:

  1. Complete Goal #62: Take the train to Hogwarts (Harry Potter Theme Park)
  2. Spend 4 days in the Universal Theme parks (Wednesday, Friday, Monday, and TBD)
  3. Go to 2 conventions (Infinitus and a little of Nerdapalooza)
  4. RL meet ups with: Group organizers (Thursday), Hufflepuffs (Thursday), and HPA organizers (Saturday)
  5. Complete Goal #75: Buy 10 Wizard Rock CDs from non-A-List artists I’ve never bought from before (9 bought already; 1 to go)
  6. Complete Goal #51: Snarf in 3 states I’ve never snarfed in before (1 down; 2 to go)
  7. Complete Goal #60: Go inside a lighthouse
  8. Complete Goal #79: Do one thing on my list of things to do before I die (see #60 above)
  9. Visit the Girl Scout House (the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace)
  10. Visit my old college for the first time since I left.

I will of course be snarfing a bit on my drive home. I also have a list of things I will buy at Hogsmeade (i.e. a quaffle, butterbeer, chocolate frog), a list of things I’ll buy if the price is less than online (i.e. broomstick, robes), and a list of things I must not allow myself to buy (i.e. a wand. I don’t care how gorgeous they are, I already have FOUR wands! I don’t need another!)