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Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone Story Tower

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My dream is to make all seven books into story towers with bookends. After making the first book into a story tower with seven scenes, I realized how big they would have to be and I’m starting to rethink my strategy. I might have to make mini story towers instead or I might have to make them one at a time.


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The Owlry

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I built this for Brickfair 2014. The annual theme was “birds” and someone last year (forgive me!) suggested I make another owlry. My first project of this sort was part of my town of Hogsmeade MOC two years ago and was designed so that the Hogsmeade Post Office resembled a British post office box in style, structure, and appearance. This is a more classic Owlry, closer to the sort you see at Hogwarts in the movies. It’s not supposed to look exactly like the movie version, but it is meant to look closer to what you might see as part of Hogwarts.

I had great fun gathering up all my owls for this project. Of course I added a few fun extras like some rats the owls will soon be eating. And the roof is intentionally kind of crazy.


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Projects in Progress

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What my LEGO Loft looks like when I’m in the middle of a project! I ended up building quite a bit on the floor instead of the table. It was comfy and pleasant to spread out in a space that wasn’t the middle of my room or my office. I did have one instance of dropping the lid of a container over the side of the loft into my living room below, but there was no casualty.


This was how it looked after finishing one of three MOCs for Brickfair. I really need to do some post-project cleanup after finishing the third!

My Lego Loft


I joined (all right, hosted) a LEGO photo swap. I thought I’d share the dedicated space for LEGO building now in my new house. I call it…

Legolas Lego Loft

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Brickfair 2011 Recap Part 2 (Photos)

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My Photos & Videos on Brickshelf (when moderated and completely uploaded)

Where I spent the weekend:

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Brickfair 2011 Recap Part 1 (Write-up)

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Brickfair just keeps getting better and better. In fact, I’ve already registered for Brickfair 2012! And I’ve got some ideas about what to do for the theme: fire.

Brickfair 2011’s theme was NASA. I’ll admit I didn’t have any ideas about what to do with the theme, but I did throw a star chart and telescope into one of my MOCs in honor of the theme.

I ended up bringing 3 MOCS (1 large and 2 small but fun) to the convention. It proved a little challenging because there’s never enough room on the tables and because half of my MOC was on display for the entire month of July at the Potomac Mills store (an honor) as part of the WAMALUG display case project. But I’m proud of my efforts and had a great time at Brickfair.

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It Started with Cup Stacking

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I made a few images from a Blibbering Humdingers song for one story in a month-long project of mine. They turned out to be funny enough for me to want to do the whole song.

WRock: Nobody Expects the Blibbering Humdingers

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Yet Another Hogwarts Castle

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Harry Potter: Battle for Hogwarts #4867


Another Hogwarts Castle

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle #4842

Another in the long tradition of Hogwarts castles, this one is more like a roundup of important rooms and a few nice sections not already featured in sets.


The Knight Buses

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Harry Potter: Knight Bus #4866

Even though I already own a Knight Bus (or two) I had to buy the new Knight Bus set. There are some things I like better in the new version and some things I like better in the older version.


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