The History of Kate's Kintail

This was the very first webpage I have ever created. As you can tell from the very basic layout, graphics and color schemes were pretty nonexistant. I remember going through a few gophers to get even this one picture up there. Quite an adventure, really!

This was my first real homepage. I began it as a way to show off the wonderful show Highlander: the series but it grew to much more. Soon, it had vampires, the 80's, vermicomposting, and even some of my writings. The background is MacLennan tartan and the organization was all done in table format.

This page featured a very simple layout, with mouseover buttons to each of my pages. Swords divided the sections (there were 16 but I lost one along the way) and gave a nice, easy way to sample the many areas Kintail had to offer.

This is the front page Kintail had for two years. It was a high step up from my last page, with more custom graphics, mouseovers, javascript(original and altered) and mature text/layout. I used the multiple colors to distinguish sections, garamond font, text links, and even a site map.

Don't recognize this one? That's probably because it never actually made it to the front page. It was my redesign that I got sick of looking at after three days. Frankly, the color limitation though nice, felt too limiting to me. It had nice javascript pop-ups for the sublinks, but they were almost impossible to get to due to the layout and mouseover style.

It was simply time for a change. This time, I'm going back to the simple, white look and went with a scheme of my childhood... :-) It was... well, creative! Pretty cute. There were also mouseovers and pop-up menus upon roll-over to give a user access to subcategories with a single click.

Same sort of color scheme as the last, but this time with puzzle pieces. Puzzles were a big part of my development and childhood and I think this layout of them all best reflect what sort of style is my own. Rather plain but a good simple. Lots of hard work went into it, and this is definately my favorite look even after future changes. I also took out the pop-up menus

Went with a attempted more "professional" look here. Nice, simple, playing around with gradiants and my favorite color- blue. Looks rather nice if I do say so. Put the computer theme in there to tie it all together... the HTML tags, the binary... ok, I' a dork, sorry! Very low-tech, this one though.

This one happened right in the middle of summer finals week, as most creative works begin during finals week every semester. It's an experimental look for me... obviously quite different than anything else. But it does allow easy access to subcategories just like the professional look, which is a big plus for me. Less links to jump through to get to content means more people will see... ug, as if people really notice my pages? ha! ;-)

This is my current main site. It uses a museum metaphor throughout and I think it looks very clean and consistent. Thus, it's still in use.

I decided to spin off my fannish creations (stories, music videos, art) into their own site. I called it my dreamscape and it was heavy with blue and pictures of my favorite characters.

I couldn't resist this layout when I found it online. It's the only site/design I have where I didn't design my own layout (perhaps that shows? LOL). I loved the snuggly boys and the hurt/comfort theme in it, and I thought it was just perfect for my dreamscape.

I created this page in May, 2005 after I purchased the domain name. This was my attempt at an overall index page. It linked to all my sites, fan sites, blogs, etc. I'm not sure why I chose these colors, since I don't really like them, LOL.

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