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Let me take you on a magical journey through creativity and imagination. Travel to the different kingdoms and lands, meet friendly and not so friendly folk along the way, and expand your imagination and sense of reality to new heights! This website is not a site purely dedicated to the wonderful NBC miniseries. Instead, it explores the kingdoms and the characters themselves in an alternate universe. These pages are full of the spillings of my mind through fanfic but based on the terrific story by Simon Moore. It takes his brilliant ideas and characters, and adds to them, twisting and turning into a whole and complete universe. Simply look into the mirrors below for the paths you may take. I only ask that you respect that my work is my work. Do not take without asking :-)

“You have heard of the five great women who changed history: Snow White, Cinderella, Gretal the Good, Rupunzel, and Red Riding Hood. You have met Queen Cinderella, even. Well, there was always speculation that there should have been nine, one for each kingdom. Over time, the days of magic and legend were through and until, well, until we four fulfilled the prophecy to save the nine kingdoms, we were sure five were all that would come. But now, it’s as if the old days had returned. Magic and goodness are overflowing, there are even rumors that the Ice Queen of the 8th Kingdom will be succeeded by a beautiful Princess.
            “You see, as the fairies tell, many years ago when the first Queen Gretal the Good was in power, she entrusted one of her magic mirrors to the goblins who immediately broke it into nine pieces. Now you know that when a mirror splits, each piece becomes a small mirror of its own rather than part of a whole. Each of these pieces were a little different in that they reflected only the truth of one of the great women. As each came to power, her face became a permanent image in a piece of glass, and each place took its spot in the empty mirror frame. After Snow White’s stepmother came to power, she had the mirror and pieces hidden and buried, and the rest of us gave up all hope of the remaining four. We slipped into dark times. At any rate, before I could finish planning the ball, Anthony here came upon something quite special buried beneath the soil where he’s started the digging, the frame and remaining mirror pieces, carefully wrapped and very well intact for their age; I have attendants cleaning them even now. And in accordance with the tales, there are nine pieces, not five."

~King Wendell, fanfic- The Tenth Kingdom Chapter 2

 The 10th Kingdom is copyright to Simon Moore; Hallmark Entertainment; Babelsberg International Film Produktion. No harm meant! Should any information, pictures, or anything else need to be removed, please let me know. kate@kintailscape.com